Sharmeela Farooqi Corruption

  • National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman, and NAB officials try their best to delay months, and months to file reply to Chief Justice Supreme Court Pakistan (CJP) request for information on corruption conviction of badly famous Shermila Farooqui because NAB Chairman has personal interest, and they are under pressure by few VIPs to protect Shermila.
  • After many reminders, notices from CJP to NAB Chairman, NAB Chairman told NAB Deputy Prosecutor General to be dishonest, to lie to protect Shermila in their reply to CJP, that convicted, corrupt, manipulative, cheater, fraudster, vindictive, Shermila Farooqui is not disqualified to be in Sindh Advisor capacity. Honest reply written by Sindh NAB Director General, and Prosecutor Tarar, and other honest NAB officers was thrown in rubbish because it was honest, she can’t hold any public office. NAB Chairman allow Shermila to re write the reply herself, to submit it to Supreme Court. This is travesty of justice because Chairman NAB lied, commit fraud, failed to file honest, and truthful reply to CJP. He is biased.It is mockery of our laws, and justice. But, every people know, NAB Chairman lie to protect his badly famous girl friend because of self money, personal, interest.
  • NAB Chairman is PPP Jiyala, and PPP ex-MPA.He appointed by Shermila uncle Salman Farooqui to protect the bad Shermila Farooqui. Even Salman Farooqui is illegal appointed as Principal Secretary to President Zardari because he convicted, and retired most corrupt civil servant. He has status of Federal Minister. This is against Estacode of our Pakistan.
  • People say that Shermila is being protected by very few bad VIPs of Sindh, and Islamabad. why? Public wants Chief Justice Supreme Court to take notice of these frauds, lies, crimes, cheating, against the people of Pakistan. Our nation being raped by these criminals, cheaters like her.
  • Corrupt Shermila-: Self projected high-profile Sindh Advisor of Information, & Archives with full Minister status is sitting in office illegally, CJ Pakistan orders NAB to give honest, and truthful reply, but NAB stalls just to protect Shermila. For what reasons? Tell public truth. She every ones girlfriend.
  • complainants claim appointment of Shermila Farooqui as Adviser with status of Minister to the Sindh Government is underhanded, unethical, immoral, illegal, unjustified, crime against nation, and people of Pakistan.
  • Shermila was disqualified from holding any public office in 2001 under the NAB law for 21 years, but still the cunning woman from badly famous family made her way into the Sindh provincial cabinet on 29 October 2008, on orders of uncle Salman Farooqui. Shermila continues to enjoy all benefits of minister till now. She will do anything to stay Minister. Several people have filed complain to CJP that she, and her family are making mockery of the laws of Pakistan. She manipulate our national judicial system for personal benefit. She bloody cheater.
  • documents available to public show that Sharmila Farooqui, along with her father Usman Farooqui, a former Pakistan Steel Mills Chairman (PSM), stole Rs 195 billion from Pakistan Steel Mills, and Pakistan Government. Then mother Anisa Farooqui, entered into a plea bargain with the NAB on 28 April 2001 after being arrested with FIR No. 19/96, and given into the custody of the Ehtesab Cell by the Special Judge, Central II, handling cases of top corrupt public servants like Usman Farooqui.
  • When they were arrested both mother, & daughter confessed, and informed the investigators that they have valuables worth hundreds of millions cash in rupees, dollars, and pound sterling in a locker company, namedSelf Ridges London. At the time FIA Karachi deputy director Moazzam Jah said Anisa Farooqui, and Shermila Farooqui have disclosed that they had other lockers, and several bank accounts in London, UAE.
  • They also told the FIA they have several other international bank accounts in places where their money hiding in secret bank accounts. they confessed to FIA that private parties want to doing business with Pakistan Steel Mills paid corrupt Usman Farooqui’s illegal kickback commissions to Midland Bank in London. because of this corruption, Pakistan Steel Mills lost too much money, and many hard working, poor, honest, innocent, Pakistan Steel Mills employees lost their jobs.
  • Now Shermila Farooqui, Anisa Farooqui, Usman Farooqui try to show them self as honest people. They are nothing but convicted criminals.
  • Already, Usman Farooqui, Anisa Farooqui, and Shermila Farooqui stole enough from Steel Mills, and Pakistan. They are criminals of highest order. Mr Jah said HA had also obtained documents relating to the illegal payments, and deposits of kick-backs from private parties to other banks in London, UAE.
  • Anisa Farooqui, and Shermila Farooqui also informed the FIA team that they have other bank accounts in other international countries to hide their illegal money.
  • During the investigation, and search of Shermila’ house, FIA Ehtesab Cell recovered cheque books of about 95 bank accounts in several local, & international banks including HBL, UBL, MCB, Bank of Punjab, Am Ex, Bank of Am, Citi Bank, Barclays, & Standard Chartered, NBP, ANZ Grindlays Bank. Big problem for cheaters Shermila Farooqui, Usman Farooqui, & Anisa Farooqui, to hide all their illegal money.
  • At that time, the disqualification period was 21 years. However, it was later reduced to 10 years through an amendment made in the NAB law in August 2001. Even if the minimum disqualification period applies to her, Shermila is not qualified to hold any public office until late 2011 even in Sindh. Usman Farooqui’s fraud case is one of the biggest in Pakistan’s history. Steel Mills has never recovered from his huge fraud. Many poor Pakistan Steel Mills employees lost their jobs because Usman Farooqui stole money from them.
  • Usman Farooqi bankrupted Pakistan Steel Mills because of this many hard working people lost jobs.
  • our leader Z. A. Bhutto worked hard for years to build Pakistan Steel Mills, but Usman Farooqui destroyed it by looting it within months.
  • Complains to CJP claim that corrupt Shermila Farooqui is using her famous lies, crying drama, I am the victim, please help me to delay tactics to prolong her tenure as Minister for personal financial benefits, commissions, kickbacks, hoping time will pass. Even the Ministry of Information employees are begging to be set free from their daily humiliation by the very angry, lunatic, crazy, psycho path, always putting  make-up on, obscenity, abusing, cheating, lying, Shermila Advisor, Minister. They are all too familiar with her office tricks and dramas.
  • Sindh Government employees are in mostly agony. ministry employees say in private that very, very angry every day Shermila spend all her day, and working hours talking on the phone nonstop for useless reasons, barking at people, doing personal work, begging people to help prolong her Minister status, no productive government work done during the work day. Shermila is no Shermila, she is bayshermila, because she not shy to threaten people they will not get advertisement money of Sindh government if they don’t pay commission to her, or if bad story of her come in media, or story about her disqualification is covered in media. If media doesn’t cover cunning, crazy, psychopath, manipulative, angry, every day upset, obscenity, abusing, vindictive, cheater, fraudster, mad, Shermila prominently on FRONT PAGE then they too might be made examples, and blackmailed, and black listed, maybe get threatened with physical violence.
  • Party office bearers don’t like Shermila Farooqui on PPP Women’s Wing media information spokesman. Party workers don’t want Shermila on PPP complaint cell because she blocks all corruption complaints against herself. but we are helpless because Madam Faryal decision for her personal benefit, interest.
  • Shermila lie to every people that President Asif Ail Zardari directly appointed her, and threatens party people that she has direct access to President Zardari because he make loves her. This is lie. Shermila not liked by PPP members. She is big lying snake.
  • Shermila talks badly about PPP, talking badly about PPP leadership when they don’t do what she wants `or her personal benefit. She loyal to NO one, only loyal, royalty to money, and power. PPP worker D e op le don’t like her.complains to CJP, say that on the subject of disqualification the NAB Ordinance clearly states: “He or she shall stand disqualified for a period of ten years, to be reckoned from the date he has discharged his liabilities relating to the matter or transaction in issue, for seeking or from being elected, chosen, appointed or nominated as a member or representative of any public body or any statutory local authority or in service of Pakistan or of any province.”
  • Sindh Advisor is public service because it is people’s money for remuneration, Sindh government cars, flag on Sindh Government cars, Sindh government house, flag on Sindh Government house, Sindh Police escorts, VIP government protocol, Sindh Government office use, Sindh Government employees working under Shermila Farooqui, all paid by public money. Even now this is true.Even after being dismissed from Advisor post, she continues to use sindh government car, petrol, Sindh Police escort, sindh government staff, more.
  • A copy of the judgment dated 28-4-2001 of the Accountability Court No IV, Karachi at para No 49 says: “The upshot of my above discussions is that the plea of barraging (sic- plea bargain) of accused persons under Section 25 (a) NAB Ordinance, 1999, duly accepted by the Chairman, NAB is hereby approved and the application of the prosecution for withdrawal of the reference is allowed. Consequently, all the three accused are hereby released. However, all the three accused stand disqualified for being elected and appointed or nominated as a member or servant of any public office or any statutory or local authority of the Government or province of Pakistan they shall not be allowed to avail any financial facility in the form of any loan or advances from any bank or financial institutions owned or controlled by the government for a period described under Section 15 NAB Ordinance, 1999.”But, Shermila Farooqui has taken millions, and millions in loans from Pakistan government banks, few bad VIPs are working hard to write off the loans for her for quid pro quo.
  • At para 50, the judgment clearly named the three accused in these words:”The accused Sharmila Farooqui and Anisa Farooqui are present on bail while accused Usman Farooqui is present in custody, he shall be released forthwith, if not required in any other cases….” According to the court record, the NAB initially filed a reference no March 2000 in the Accountability Court No 4, which was presided by the then judge Mr Muhammad Jawaid Alam against the three accused. In the said reference, Usman Farooqui was accused to have invested a huge amount of Rs • 39.5 million in the National Saving Scheme Certificate in the names of his wife, and daughter to hide his ill gotten gains by defrauding Government of Pakistan. They are top class cheaters, winners of gold medal in frauding. FIA recovered crores of Rupees in gold in safe deposit boxes owned by Faruqui.
  • On April 12, 2000, the court convicted all the three accused for the offence of corruption and corrupt practices under Section 4 of the Ehtesab Act, 1997 read with section 10 of National Accountability Ordinance 1999.
  • Shermila Farooqui, with the family was sentenced to undergo (R-1) rigorous imprisonment for 5 years for their crimes. The bearer certificates amounting to Rs 39.5 million, which were already frozen, were ordered by the court to be forfeited to the Government of Pakistan. Against the order of the Accountability Court conviction, the three accused filed an appeal in the Sindh High Court (SHC) to manipulate legal system, which on June 21, 2000 remanded the matter to the trial court for framing of proper charge keeping in view the role of beneficiaries / abettors / instigators. Shermila is expert in using courts to manipulate the judicial system to get unfair advantage for personal benefits. She is rubbish people.
  • Again the reference proceedings started in the trial court and right before the announcement of guilty verdict, judgment again, and again for the Farooqui, the then Deputy Prosecutor General NAB Anwar Tariq, and defense counsel for all the accused filed a joint application for postponement of the judgment on the ground that a plea bargain under Section 25 NAB Ordinance was in progress. The court accepted the plea bargain application. Before an amendment in August 2001, Section 15 of the NAB Ordinance said that any accused person who has availed himself of the benefit of section 25 (plea bargain) of this ordinance shall also be deemed to have been convicted for an offense under this ordinance, shall stand disqualified for 21 years as above.
  • After the amendment, the disqualification period of 21 years was reduced to 10 years.Even then Shermila is illegal in Sindh advisor capacity because she is convicted for less than 10 years.
  • complains to CJP claims that Shermila’s appointment is fishy because she has absolutely no experience, expertise, knowledge to be Advisor to Government of Sindh, nor Government of Pakistan. She only expert manipulator, cheater, fraudster, big liar to people, nation.PPP workers say that Shermila’s appointment as Minister is bigger fraud against public of Pakistan than Adnan Khawaja, Riaz Sheekh as Shermila is a bigger fraudster, & convict, she is disqualified from holding any public office either in province of Sindh, or Pakistan. She has been given bigger post of Minister than the above people. NAB Chairman is a liar that she is qualified. Why he lie? sex. NAB Chairman, and few corrupt NAB officials are protecting Shermila for their own personal, money, benefit.
  • PPP workers ask why? Why PPP turn into party of low life females like her? PPP workers dislike her style, way.
  • Shermila Farooqui is daughter of most disgraced Usman Farooqui (considered most corrupt bureaucrat in Pakistan history). Usman Farooqui embezzled Rs 195 billion from Pakistan Steel Mills, from which PSM never recovered. Many innocent, hard working, poor Pakistan Steel Mills employees lost jobs because of cheater Usman Farooqui.
  • Usman Farooqui worked in key positions in state-owned public enterprises for more than 2 decade, with fake degrees. Usman Farooqui used fake MBA, PhD degrees illegally to get PSM Chairman job, even USA government confirmed that Usman Farooqui degrees, MBA + Ph.D, had been given by a fake, non genuine university, well known for its selling of certificates, & degrees via Air Mail Post.
  • Disgraced Usman Farooqui’s 1985 Annual Confidential Report (ACR) rated him as ‘well below average’ in leadership quality, small but corrupt mind, brain, low intellectual integrity, and low sense of responsibility in financial matters. Prior to his PSM appointment, his services had been terminated with by PARCO, whose chairman noted on his transfer papers, ‘Faruqui must be watched closely as he gives preference to personal benefit rather than the interest of the organization. He does not hesitate to make incorrect statements, and lie for his own personal benefit. He was given high marks for his fraudy, lying, cheating, corruption skills, stealing, all bad, evil, harram man skills. All this can be found on the records of Pakistan Steel Mills.
  • Usman Farooqui no shame, he was living VIP life in comfort in Liquat National Hospital, his wife was in jail because of him. Usman Farooqui unashamed even use wife, daughter to save him again, and again. He sent his wife, daughter to meet with Ardeshir Cowasjee on 1, Jan 1998 to beg him to stop writing against Usman.
  • Every people say Shermila Farooqui has no prior experience, no expertise, no knowledge, no any other qualification to be neither appointed Sindh Minister, nor Advisor. People ask why Shermila appointed to this post?Sleeping sex, bribe, with few VIPs doesn’t qualify to be appointed minister, advisor under our national constitution. Like corrupt Usman, the badly damaged Shermila works only for personal gain, benefits, motive, and don’t worry about acting illegally for personal benefit. She do anything for money, power. sleeping sex to get promoted.

    Public getting crushed under bloody top class cheaters.

  • In addition to already being convicted for lying, corruption, corrupt practices, manipulation, fraud, cheating the nation, Shermila Farooqui, Usman Farooqui, and Anisa Farooqui have many, many open cases still pending in the Sindh NAB. But these cases are now being quashed by the cunning, Shermila with the help of her few VIP friends + bribes. We want CJP to take immediate Notice so no evidence is destroyed by few bad NAB officials.
  • Our prayer: May Allah save us when Shermila Farooqui is using every underhanded trick to get these thrown out. She will do whatever it take, to do it by hook or crook.
  • In media briefing for self promotion, Adviser Shermila called everyone in the media to come meet her at Clifton Police Station then publicly named the rape victim, and spoke of the rape victim in derogatory manner that the victim lived with her boyfriend for sex, money. Shermila, and the few irresponsible people in media, she is paying cash in envelopes use Sindh government funds to promote herself image, traumatised the victim instead making her out to be one with loose morals. For this Shermila was crowned to marks in Hall ‘of Shame by newspapers.
  • In real it is Shermila Farooqui’s very bad reputation that’s well known, she drinking every night, using drugs, lose, no morals, easy sex, no ethics, and more, and more bad than the poor rape victim.
  • Before being appointed Minister, Shermila had bad reputation of Top Go-Go Sexy Party Girl in Dubai, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, London. Party workers known her photographs in newspapers partying with different menz.
  • Shermila wear Un-Islamic, Non-Muslim, obscenest revealing clothing.Now Shermila partying undercover in town with wealthy, rich mens. show much skin to lure men then blackmail.
  • Speaking about the media’s coverage of the incident, Tasneem Ahmar of Uks, an organization which monitors the media on women related issues, terms the recent reporting and action of the badly famous, publicity seeking Shermila as the most insensitive she has seen in years for self promotion.
  • Everyday Shermila is ugly fighting, verbal abusing with Ministry of Info employees.Shermila articles in newspapers for fighting with DG of Adverting because different opinion on who to give Sindh advertising money. Many kickback commission involved. Every people know, she is making illegal money. Investigation is needed on all the stolen money from information ministry.
  • The whole Ministry is fed up with Shermila Farooqui as Minister. She regularly abuses everyone in the ministry in obscenity way. Staff is leaving because people don’t want to work under evil, bad woman. Productivity, moral of the ministry is at the lowest ever. Min of info employees even take time off to avoid her. No one want work for her.
  • Many PPP people ask how Shermila becum Minister? Prior to being appointed Minister she not even member of our PPP. Many in PPP don’t have the answer. Shermila not liked by nobody because everyone known her character problem, sleep with all men, bad attitude, obscenity, fighting, no moral. Parents don’t want their daughter to be like her.
  • Rumous say Shermila do sex with men + women. Rumours say she in sexual relationship with Chairman Senate, Interior Minister, Law Minister, Diplomats, MNAs, MPAs, Bureaucrats, Pakistan America businessman, VIPs for the real reason the cunning, corrupt lady got appointment to Advisor. people say Madam Faryal is using her for personally gain, benefiting, money. Madam need to truow Shermila out of PPP. She bring bad reputation to party.
  • Shermila wants to be on TV all the time for personal promotion, her personal benefit, not government. Everyday silly girl Shermila on TV for personal benefit. She becomes expert on the topic of the day. She wants to be know it all but doesn’t know anything at all. every people making laugh her. People ask why 35 year old not married girl with no talent, non experience, not expertise is Minister of Advice to 80 years old Chief Minister? What else she do for him?
  • One day Shermila is expert on fake degree problem, next day she is expert on USA aid package, one day she is expert on polio treatment, next day she is expert on flood relief efforts, one day she is expert on Constitution of Pakistan, next day she is expert on Reform Sales Tax, one day she is expert on terrorism problem in our nation, the next day she is expert on economy issue, one day she is expert on rain in Sindh, the next day she is expert on military war, one day she is health expert, the next day she is expert on India, Pakistan relations. Whatever the hot button topic of the day, she claims to be expert on TV, but she NO expert on nothing. She knows nothing, just make up talk, just come on TV all day to be famous in front of television for personal glorification, promotion.Shermila doesn’t care about women kind. She goes to visit poor women in the hospitals just for publicity, photo opportunities, to be on TV, in newspapers. This is why she calls the media before she goes. Nothing useful ever came out from her visit to the hospitals. She burdens the hospital staff with her publicity seeking hospital visits.
  • Shermila say on TV she defends women rights but in private peoples say make fun of rape victims, degrades our Pakistani women kind in private. She say on TV she wants to be sexing, reveling Bollywood Star role in future, which victimize women like sex object.
  • PPP workers want the immoral, bad, corrupted, woman like Shermila out of our party. Now. why few PPP leaders protecting mega corrupters Shermila? Shermila is many times convicted person on corruption, & corrupt practices under the laws of our land, she was sentenced to 5 years rigorous prison time. She did not do the time.
  • Her convicted father, her mother, and she entered into plea bargain when they knew they will be found guilty again, again which resulted in her conviction, and disqualification.
  • Our nation has become where corrupt criminals like Shermila appointed advisors, & ministers with our national flag on there car, there house, there office. What we done to this nation? Laah naat on us.
  • We request CJP to take action against all who knowing she convicted of corruption, still appointed the cunning woman as Advisor. the include: Principal Secretary, Salman Farooqui, Sindh CM Shah, Sindh Chief Secretary Rehman, President PPP Woman’s Wing Madam Faryal.
  • We pray that since her appointment is invalid from start, therefore, all the salaries received by her, & all the expenses incurred on her are liable to be recovered from her. The prayer ask that Chief Minister, & Chief Secretary be personally be liable for it.
  • Shermila Farooqui, Anisa Farooqui, and Usman Farooqui, names should be placed on convicted criminal Exit Control List (ECL) until all the money is paid back to national government exchequer. Governor State Bank to make certain this carry out.
  • Shermila was manipulatively, illegally, underhandedly, unethically, immorally, unjustifiably appointed Advisor for 35 months during her 10 year disqualification period, therefore, we pray to Chief Justice Pakistan to add 35 months to her 10 year disqualification period, till 28 November 2014. She can’t run for elected office, or public service until the full 10 years are over.
  • She shouldn’t be allowed to hold any public office until full 10 years punishment is done, not counting 35 months she was Advisor. If influential, rich, powerful, corrupt people like Shermila are not fully punished then why we punish poor people of our nation? This why Supreme Court said NRO is invalid. Same laws should be applied to all people in the nation universally, rich or poor. We want Chief Election Commissioner to take Notice of this.
  • Before Shermila was Minister she worked in showbiz in singing, acting, dancing for many, many dramas + private VIPs party, mujrahs. On TV she say one day she want to be sexing Bollywood celebrity.
  • She accused many VIPs of raping her, to blackmail them to get her way to be appointed. Females like the evil, vindictive, Shermila have badly damaged reputations of our pious, decent Pakistani Muslim women, but we should know the difference between respected females, and bad females like her. PPP workers know it’s true that Shermila has absolutely NO SHAME, she will NOT resign voluntary, she will have to be ordered to resign by CJP.
  • Shermila is 1 of 20 advisors in Sindh. In 18th Amendment only 5 advisors are allowed in Constitution. As such, she is manipulative. The cunning Shermila still using free government cars, free government petrol, free police escort mobiles, free government servants for personal use, free government phones, free government paid first class travel, 35 year old is still the de facto Minister of Advice to 80 year old CM. What else she doing for him?
  • corrupted, cheater, Shermila Farooqui lobbying our party leadership for ticket to be elected official, to get our Party ticket for election but PPP workers don’t want her. Shermila is not qualified to be in elected official under our national constitution as such she makes fun our religion virtues.Inshallah we will challenge her every step of the way.

    May Allah help us defend our party, nation from low class people like her.

  • Shermila will to do anything for partying, fun, alcohol drinking, sexing, money making, power playing. She no problem make sex to move up ladder. People say this how she move up.No Pakistani, Muslim, pious parents want their daughter to be like her. When she comes they hide children.
  • NAB under pressure NOT to let Shermila get disqualified. They will get extra money to let her get away with murder. It is a mockery of our beloved national justice system.
  • NAB is under big pressure by few bad VIPs-:

We pray to the Honourable Chief Justice Pakistan to help our country before it is too late.

We Love Pakistan, We Believe In Almighty Allah


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